Commitments of Membership

Association of California Commissions for Women members are encouraged to be fully engaged with ACCW by serving on a standing committee to carry out the organization’s work, such as:

  • Legislative
  • Membership Development
  • Fund Development
  • Communications
  • Ad-Hoc Committees

ACCW members are encouraged to be involved in advising elected officials about key issues and initiatives that affect women and families within their local area and within the State of California by hosting events such as:

  • Retreats
  • Presentations
  • Workshops
  • One-on-one meetings

What is the mission of the ACCW?

The mission of ACCW is: to promote viability, strength, and effectiveness of member Commissions within the State of California.

What are the goals of ACCW?

The goals are:  to ensure that Commissions exist in every County or City, and that they are fully funded, permanent, and independent Government entities that give California women a voice.

What is the objective of the ACCW?

The objective is: to develop a Statewide agenda on issues of concern to women within California and to ensure implementation of key policy and legislative changes that address these concerns and give California women the best quality of life possible.

Membership Commitments